Our Services


As your business grows you need to transmit more data and your cabling systems will need to expand to meet the demand. Fibre optic cabling provide higher bandwidth and can transmit data over longer distances.

Our fibre optic cabling installation includes :
- Singlemode cables (OS1, OS2)
- Multimode cables (OM2, OM3)
- ST, SC, LC, MTRJ Termination
- Fusion Splice
- Fibre Optic Backbone
- Fibre Equipment & Accessories
- Fibre connectivity testing & Fault Finding   

Data Cablings

Whether you are looking for just a simple small office with few workstations networked to it, or all the way to a large-scale project with multiple offshores site, we ensure that our clients have the right IT infrastructure to compete in today’s challenging business world. We’ve been years of experience and we will make sure the installation meets your specification and is carried out professionally.

Our data cabling installation includes :
- Structure Cabling Design and Installation
- Coaxial, Cat 5, 5E, Cat 6
- Wireless LAN Solutions
- Security Access Control and Surveillance Cabling
- Audio/Visual Cabling
- Server Racks
- Uninterrupt Power Supply
- Patch Panel termination

We can further proof our installations so your data cabling continues to function effectively for many years to come. We also provide 25 years manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind and protecting against any cabling or performance issues.


Our Security & Access Control Systems allows you the flexibility to provide the most cost-effective solution. We utilize your IT infrastructure and enables integration with various platforms and devices to achieve operational efficiencies in all your security needs. With a turn-key solution and software that is robust and user-friendly, your access system will help you manage your employee security and send you real-time.

Our services includes:
- Analog, AHD, IP Camera
- Wired / Wireless Camera
- Bio-metric identification
- Face Detection
- Access Control System
- Time & Attendance System
- Indoor/Outdoor Turnstiles

Disaster Recovery

Reliable backups are the foundation of your recovery plan. With our disaster recovery solution, we assure you that you can recover your systems and data in minutes.

Cross-Platform System Protection
Protect your windows and Linux systems, whether physical or virtual, with one backup software solution.

Fast Backups
Eliminate the backup window, we make backing up a swift process that doesn’t interrupt systems or employees

Fast Recovery
Make recovery fast, easy, and dependable because backups include everything: operating systems, applications, data volumes and more

Simple Management
Enjoy simplified backup management from a single console, whether you oversee a few machines or hundreds.